FAQ / Troubleshooting for Crimson fields on Zaurus

Uwe Koch, 26/06/04
  1. When I start crimson fields on my Zaurus I only see the watch and nothing happens.
    You have a C-7x0/C860: It's a SDL Lib problem. Press a key to start playing.
  2. When I start crimson fields on my Zaurus I only see the watch and nothing happens.
    Open a console and type 'crimson'. Then you can get more information about what's the problem.
  3. I upgraded to a Vx.xxx and can't load my saved games.
    The format changes sometimes :-( There's no chance to load saved games from another version.
  4. Where can I find the level/saved files ?
    The saved games (which can be used for email, too) are in /home/root/.crimson/games. The level files are in /home/root/.crimson/levels
  5. When I successfully finished a mission crimson crashes (with SDL parachute error or Segmentation fault).
    The port isn't already perfect. There are some memory leaks I'm trying to remove. When I fixed it. I'll mention it in the Readme.
  6. How does the editor comet work ?
    Comet creates level files and is in preAlpha state. To create fully working levels you also need cfed to compile levels. Currently I could find no information about how to create levels (look at crimson.seul.org for more info)
  7. I can find several versions of the libSDL/libSDLmixer - which should I use ?
    I use the versions you can find in the README file in the tarball. Other SDL libs may work but don't have to.
  8. I have the original Sharp ROM and after quitting crimson the hotkeys for calendar, etc. don't work until restarting Qtopia.
    This problem occurs on Sharp ROM 2.38. On Openzaurus everything works fine.
  9. I want more levels - where can I find the Battle Isle / History Line levels ?
    If you have the original games, you can convert the levels to crimson format. But they are somehow copyrighted - so aren't distributed at the moment.
  10. I have Openzaurus - does it work with it ?
    Yes, it should.
  11. I have an Ipaq and want to play crimson - but don't know how to control - what can I do ?
    Crimson fields doesn't work on IPAQ due to limited key possibilities.
  12. I use comet and it crashes after I tap the screen.
    Try to hold the pen a while or press Enter or OK. A menu should appear.